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Jacksonville, FL - June 17-23 and/or July 14-19

These camps have been developed to help with those who have a primary goal of improving their 2k score. We recognize the pressure to improve your 2k to compete in your home club as well as within the college recruiting process. These camps will spend time on the erg, RP3's, weight room and in the classroom. The Summer Prep camp is great for those who are looking to jump start their summer training with a goal of seeing big PR's in the late summer/early fall. Coxswains are welcome to apply if they are interested in learning more about the process of helping rowers PR and the education behind this process.
Cost and Grouping : The 2k Training Camps can be included with the High Performance Camp in Sarasota and we provide transportation from Jacksonville to Sarasota. You can choose either the June or July 2k training camp and participate in the high performance camp and we have a discounted rate to our camps.
Cost: The best deal on the summer rowing camp market! We provide more for less $$--please compare! Signing up for more than one of our camps --you will receive a discounted rate!

2k Training Camps - June 17-23 or July 14-19 - $1,799 at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL
Phase 1 and 2 and June 2k Training Camp - June 17 - July 13 - We provide transportation from Jacksonville to Sarasota on June 24 - $6,395
This same price will be granted if you want to do the 2k training camp after Phase 1 and 2 (transport to Jacksonville will also be included)

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Our coaches have decades of experience developing athletes for collegiate rowing/recruitment, representation at Junior World Championships, and double digits of National Titles!


Chris Register

Head Coach of Jacksonville Location

Rick Brown

Head Coach of Sarasota Location

Mike Alton

Coach, Jacksonville Location

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