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The Summer Camp that will be your 2024 highlight!

This camp was developed in 2023 to offer something that provides youth rowers with an unmatched development experience. Although the coaches involved have decades of successful experience with other camps, this new system of camps is built off of those lessons and designed to create a Targeted and Individualized Program. We are your destination for performance improvements. Whether you are U17 looking to become the fastest athlete in your boathouse, a rising senior aiming to secure your recruitment spot in college, a graduating senior looking to make the most of their last summer as a youth rower and get ready for college, this is the camp for you. Wanting to improve your 2k? We have experience helping kids execute huge improvements on the erg and are offering a 2k land-based program offering to provide a huge advantage in your training. We have years of providing a high performance camp that provides you fitness gains while also progressing you technically. You will be pushed to new levels so please be ready! The camp ends by bringing competition in from all over and continuing your development experience. You also leave the camp with more tangible tools than any other experience offers. More detail on it all below!

Why Rowing Camps of America?

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Our holistic camp experience provides you the following:

We have the tools: You receive a thorough and personalized intake process where coaches get to know you. We start with time for focused improvement on and off the water and ergs. We provide more flexilbity in dates, sessions and types of camps so you can select what works best for you. You will receive personal development sessions designed to inspire you to your max potential as an athlete and leader. Coxswains have a separate, focused curriculum also. We provide every boat class (8+, 4+, 4-, 4x, 2-, 2x, 1x and coastal). Athletes will also have state of the art equipment to provide them with more data than just simple splits on an erg! Nutritional coaching, RP3's, Peach System and erg work will be included.

College Recruiting: Our coaches have worked with athletes and their college recruiters for many years. Fostering healthy and positive relationships that allow for the athletes and coaches to discover the best fit! Recruiters will have access to land and water sessions during camp, as well as access to you racing. They will get to watch you in action and then you will have access to them!

2024 Summer Dates: You have options!
2k Summer Prep Training Camp - June 17 - June 23 - The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL
Phase 1 Small Boat Camp - June 24 - June 30 - Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL
Phase 2 Racing Camp - July 1 - July 13 - Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL (includes Summer Festival of Rowing)
2k Preseason Training Camp - July 14 - July 19 - The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL
Fall Prep 1x's Camp - August 6 - August 8 - Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

If you are selected to participate, you can flow from one camp to the next (all genders are accepted at all camps). More detail about them all:

2k Training Camps - These camps have been developed to help with those who have a primary goal of improving their 2k score. We recognize the pressure to improve your 2k to compete in your home club as well as within the college recruiting process. These camps will spend time on the erg, RP3's, weight room and in the classroom. The Summer Prep camp is great for those who are looking to jump start their summer training with a goal of seeing big PR's in the late summer/early fall. Some time will also be spent on the water as we discuss how to transition your new, speedy 2k into speed on the water. Coxswains are welcome to apply if they are interested in learning more about the process of helping rowers PR and the education behind this process. This camp happens in Jacksonville, FL. Transportation to Sarasota on June 23 will be provided for those participating in "Phase 1". For the week that starts July 14th we will provide transportation back from Sarasota on July 13th for anyone wanting to transition from Phase 2 to this 2k Preseason Training Camp.

Phase 1 Small Boat Camp will be spent in everything but 8+'s. Athletes will be worked through 1x's and receive great individualized coaching on the technical side of making boats move. Video resources will be used regularly within this camp. This camp is highly recommended as a prerequisite to Phase 2 or can be done as a stand-alone. Phase 1 will provide great small boat skills but also an understanding of how to move boats that will be fun to experiment with the implimentation of doing it in a racing setting as we move into Phase 2.

Phase 2 Racing Camp - We will provide you with a great development opportunity that includes a racing component at the best summer race option available. It is highly recommended that those participating in Phase 2 have been training in an environment where they are already used to several workouts a day and are ready to compete. We developed the Summer Festival of Rowing Regatta ourselves to help serve youth rowers after years of seeing a huge gap within providing an experience that provides racing - something that ends up being the end goal of our sport - while also keeping the fun of summer rowing and the development needed to take with you to your fall season.

Fall Prep 1x's Camp - All rowers will be in 1x's and receive unmatched coach to athlete feedback ratios. Learn how to move a 1x before you move into your fall season. This is a stand-alone camp.

Best Races: The best part of summer camps is the racing! Athletes will race and train at the best racing venue in the Country: Nathan Benderson Park. The races have be scheduled to maximize experience AND development AND recruiting opportunities. We will welcome other clubs to race against as well as racing within our regionally based camp system. This experience will provide you the larger training & racing environment while also providing you personalized development.

You Leave With More: Every athlete will leave camp with a personalized package that is catered to help you continue to improve towards your individual goals after camp. Packages include land data (from ergs and RP3's), stroke data, PEACH system data, Sport Nutrition Assessment and recommendations, video review, access to camp photos, Swag (the best gear), a larger network of peers (yay friends!), and a deeper set of resources in the sport of rowing.

Cost: The best deal on the summer rowing camp market! We provide more for less $$--please compare! Signing up for more than one --you will receive a discounted rate!

2k Training Camps - June 17-23 or July 14-19 - $1,799 at the Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL

Phase 1 Small Boat Camp - June 24 - June 30 - $1,799 all inclusive of room and board and training. All will be housed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton directly next door (a short walk) to Nathan Benderson Park where you will be training. All meals supplied. Pick up from Sarasota and Tampa airports also provided during specified times. You just need to bring yourself!

Phase 2 Racing Camp - July 1 - July 13 - $3,399 all inclusive of room and board, training, recruiting, swag, racing and everything else. You do not have to also do Phase 1 to participate in Phase 2, but we highly recommend to maximize your experience that you are training in a way where you are ready for a camp that is going to be working out several times a day and ready to compete. Housing and food provided. Pick up from Sarasota and Tampa airports also provided during specified times.

Phase 1 and 2 - June 24 - July 13 - $4,995

Phase 1 and 2 and June 2k Training Camp - June 17 - July 13 - We provide transportation from Jacksonville to Sarasota on June 24 - $6,395
This same price will be granted if you want to do the 2k training camp after Phase 1 and 2 (transport to Jacksonville will also be included)

1x's Camp - August 6 - August 8 - $1,950 all inclusive. $1,700 for option without housing. Receive personalized coaching in the 1x with multiple video sessions and land based education. This is a full-time 1x's camp to get you ready for fall season!

We work hard to make our camps more affordable than others. Please contact us if you need help with structuring a payment plan or figuring out a way to allow participation if the fee deadlines are making it difficult.

To Be Accepted: 

We will group athletes of similar levels together during camp to provide the best learning environment for all involved. If you are ready for more of a challenge, you will receive it! Our coaches have experience training junior athletes getting ready to race at Junior World Championships but also have plenty experience working with the most novice rower. Some experience is necessary to apply. We will have cut-offs for each camp with the most competitive being our Racing Camp. Many of our rowers will fit into one of the following categories:

U19 & HS Boys- 2k ideally under 6:50*

U19 & HS Girls- 2k ideally under 7:50*

U17 Boys- 2k ideally under 7:10*

U17 Girls- 2k ideally under 8:10*

*erg time standards are our guidelines. Just because you're not there yet, doesn't mean this isn't the camp for you! more flexibility for younger athletes

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Our coaches have decades of experience developing athletes for collegiate rowing/recruitment, representation at Junior World Championships, and double digits of National Titles!


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