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We are proud of offering the most targeted and individualized program around. But if you don't believe us, just read what our participants and parents say about us:

2023 Female Participant: "My time at RCA was one-of-a-kind and I walked away equipped with a renewed sense of confidence in my athletic abilities and a skillset that has proven to be a force to be reckoned with. RCA distinguished itself from other programs by the individuality of coaching and the personalized experience it catered to the athletes. Coaches met with us weekly, discussing goals and ways to tackle the next week as a better version of ourselves than the previous week, and at the end of the camp, I walked out a completely transformed athlete. Goals can ambitious, but RCA never seizes to assist in us reaching them. Going into the camp, I had a rather ambitious goal of making the top boat at my program which would go to compete at the Head of the Charles. I acknowledged its difficulty but the coaches, without hesitation, was determined to make that happen. As a result of their dedication and acumen, I was extremely fortunate to not only make the boat but placed third at the Head of the Charles in the Women’s Youth Four. I recommend RCA with much pride and I do not regret a single second spent there."

Why Rowing Camps of America?

Hear it from the participants!

2023 Male Rower: "RCA was an amazing experience for me. Over the summer it can be difficult to stay motivated to continue training. RCA helped me connect with other rowers and stay motivated. RCA also helped me continue my training on water, despite the off season. My technique greatly improved because of the program and I was able to transfer it to my home team."

2023 Female Coxswain: "My time at RCA was an incredibly rewarding experience . From day one, I set a personal goal to make the 1v at both the camp and my home program. The coaches played an crucial role in helping me achieve this goal. Their willingness to answer any questions and provide guidance was truly helpful, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth. The fellowship among all coxswains added an extra layer of motivation, creating an atmosphere where everyone pushed each other to excel. The camp not only sharpened my skills but also inspired a sense of determination and teamwork that will undoubtedly stay with me throughout my rowing journey."

2023 Female Rower recruited to Hobart and William Smith: "RCA helped me come in prepared for my first year of collegiate rowing and really gave me a leg up in my training. I would recommend this camp to anyone who wants to better themselves in the sport and build that extra competitive edge."

2023 Male Rower recruited to Trinity College: "My time at the Rowing Camp of America was nothing short of extraordinary, and it truly played a pivotal role in shaping my rowing journey. The camp's immersive training environment provided an excellent platform for honing my skills while fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow rowers. If you're looking to accumulate plenty of meters on the water, then this is the camp for you. The real game-changer, however, was the Summer Festival of Rowing. Participating in this event not only exposed me to intense competition but also offered me a wealth of racing experience that proved invaluable. The festival became a turning point, preparing me for the next step in my rowing career: becoming a recruited rower for Trinity College. The combination of the camp's comprehensive training and the exposure gained from the festival was instrumental in propelling me toward success in collegiate rowing."

2023 Rower: "RCA provided me with an amazing coaching staff and an effective training plan. Going into the fall season after RCA, I am 10 seconds faster on my 2k and 40 seconds faster on my 5k. The technical gains I made also helped me move multiple seats up in my boat. I would definitely recommend RCA to anyone who is thinking about rowing over the summer!"

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Our coaches have decades of experience developing athletes for collegiate rowing/recruitment, representation at Junior World Championships, and double digits of National Titles!


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